Euro Video Ad Net Smartclip Buying In To Holland

German video advertising network Smartclip says it’s buying its way in to the Netherlands, acquiring a smaller Dutch vid advertiser Moon Broadcasting.

We could tell you about Moon, but Smartclip has already redirected its website to its own.

It’s creating its own Smartclip Benelux division out of the acquisition, led by Annemiek de Geus Verhagen. It was already operating in Germany, France, Spain, the UK and U.S.

A Dutch play is obvious – founders of the Dutch TV group Endemol invested in Smartclip in 2008 through their Van den Ende & Deitmers VC house.

Smartclip calls itself an ad network, with a claimed network of over 400 video publishers, but it also offers video ad formats – pre- and mid-rolls plus interactive overlays.

As ever, no acquisition terms released.