Video: In 5 Years All Games Will Be Social

GameHouse, the casual games division of RealNetworks (s RNWK), couldn’t wait until the Social Games Summit kicked off today in San Francisco to announce plans to push further into the social space with its Fusion platform and Facebook app. And shortly after it unveiled them, Craig Robinson, VP of product management at Real’s games division, visited the GigaOM offices to talk with us about how Real envisions the future of gaming.

Fusion is a platform that the company says will let developers add social functionality like tournaments, trophies leaderboards and more to their games. The Facebook app is pretty much what it sounds like — a portal on the popular social network that offers a place to play more than 1,000 games. The Facebook app was built using the Fusion platform.

Real announced earlier this year that it plans on sharpening its focus by separating the games division. As the specifics of that news roll out, GameHouse is already doubling down on the social games phenomenon. Some highlights from Robinson’s talk include:

  • Within five years, there won’t be a distinction between social and non-social games — all games will be social.
  • Robinson believes that the notion of a game as a solitary experience is an advent of the digital age. Games, he says, are inherently social.
  • Social gaming will evolve beyond leaderboards and challenges to more synchronous and asynchronous game play as well as more data collected about what and how people are playing games.

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