Get an Insider’s Knowledge of the Cloud at Structure 2010

Structure 2010, the GigaOM Network’s flagship conference devoted to delivering the best insights into the cloud computing industry, returns this year as a 2-day event. One of the core underlying themes this year will be to challenge the assumptions about the infrastructure on which to build a cloud. Om Malik and his team have crafted the most authoritative schedule of topics with the industry’s top speakers. And GigaOM’s team of experienced journalists and the analysts from GigaOM Pro will be on hand to discuss the IT infrastructure market with their signature insight, knowledge and candor.

From broadband to hardware to software, at Structure 2010 we will look at the whole picture and predict the directions the industry will take and how they will impact your future. Taking place at the Mission Bay Conference Center on June 23rd and 24th in San Francisco, Structure 2010 promises to be our best event yet. Register today and get $100 off your ticket.

Some of the topics we’ll cover include:

  • Why cloud computing is important. In which scenarios does it reduce costs, improve collaboration, speed the real-time enterprise and increase enterprise agility?
  • Which of the basic assumptions made about the cloud were wrong. Why we’ll need new computing architectures to support cloud computing and who will provide them? (It’s not what you currently have in your data center.)
  • Why big data creates big problems (but could also be big business). Storage is plentiful; we can store whatever we produce. What new opportunities are emerging that make storage work better?
  • What impact does “real time” have on the cloud? If the web and the enterprise are moving to real time, how do you prepare for it? What architectural considerations does “real-time” infrastructure require?
  • Why are traditional databases the unexpected bottleneck in the cloud? Is technology, implementation or the software licensing at the root of the problem?
  • Why the hybrid cloud model is an important transitional state for the industry. Capex and IT operations don’t disappear overnight. What are the problems we face, and how can we conquer them?

Our list of top-tier speakers is also growing every day and includes the biggest names in cloud computing, among them:

  • Paul Maritz, CEO, VMware
  • Erich Clementi, Vice President, Strategy and General Manager, Enterprise Initiatives, IBM
  • Dr. Donald Ferguson, CTO, CA Inc.
  • Marc Benioff, Chairman and CEO,
  • Werner Vogels, CTO and Vice President, Amazon
  • James Urquhart, Senior Market Strategist, Cloud Computing, Cisco
  • Chris Kemp, CIO, NASA Ames

Another great reason to come to Structure 2010: Tthe Startup LaunchPad. Held at the end of the first day, we’ll be presenting the GigaOM editors’ selection of the 10 best new enterprises or major product launches. But we’re accepting nominations until May 17th — full details, guidelines and the entry form can be found here.

We look forward to seeing you in June!