My Damn Channel To Bring Celebrity Autobiography Online

Ever since I heard this NPR piece about the NYC stage show Celebrity Autobiography, I have wanted to see it. After all, who could pass up the combination of hilarious comedians reading out loud from the autobiographies of B- and C-list stars?

Well, the answer is “Someone who doesn’t go to New York often enough.” And so I say to My Damn Channel: THANK YOU, because yesterday the site announced that it’s picked up Celebrity Autobiography as a web series.

The trailer makes it clear that the level of production that’s gone into bringing the show to the web isn’t much beyond simply filming the live show. But WHO CARES when it means that you get to see 3rd Rock from the Sun‘s Kristin Johnston perform excerpts from the autobiography of Mr. T? The answer is NOT ME.

Celebrity Autobiography debuts May 19th, and will run every Wednesday after that.

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