Fujitsu T730 Tablet PC — Thin and Expensive

Tablet PCs are the notebooks with everything. They can be great thin notebook PCs and also slate tablets when the screen is rotated around. They can do anything any other notebook can do and more. That’s why they often cost so darn much as the new Fujitsu T730 Tablet PC proves once again. This Tablet is as small as can be and still have a 12-inch screen. It looks like a solid entry for Fujitsu, a long-time maker of nice convertible notebooks. It’s too bad the starting price is $1,869, and that doesn’t get you the touch screen option.

The T730 has an optical drive option which is rare on such a thin convertible. Fujitsu has kept the case as small as possible for a notebook with a 12-inch display and full keyboard. The starting configuration includes an outdoor viewable screen and a DVD burner, so that high price is not for nothing. Fujitsu claims a dual digitizer with multitouch option is available but doesn’t seem to make that an selectable option on its web site.

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