Droopy: A Tiny Web Server That Makes Receiving Files a Snap

Droopy is a mini web server that’s designed to make it easy for you to receive files on your computer — and is especially useful for those times when a less-than-tech-savvy client wants to send you a large file. Instead of them trying to send the file over IM or FTP, or using a service like Dropbox, just give them your Droopy address and they can upload the file using their browser; it will be saved directly onto your machine.

Droopy runs on Unix (Linux and Mac (s aapl)) and Windows (s msft) machines. It’s a Python script, but don’t let that worry you. Although you will need to have Python installed and will have to use the command line, the instructions are very clear; it’s really just a case of downloading the script and running it in the directory where you want the files to be saved.

Once it’s running (on port 8000, by default), anyone who has its address can then use the web interface to upload their files to your machine via their browser. If you like, you can also provide a personalized greeting and image, as in the screenshot above.

For the security conscious, Droopy is upload-only (people can’t download files using it, or even see what files are on your machine), and files can only be uploaded while Droopy is running.

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(via One Thing Well)