NorthScale Caches $10M in VC Funds, Gets New CEO

NorthScale, a Memcached-focused startup based in Mountain View, Calif., says it has raised $10 million in Series B funding from Mayfield Fund. Previous investors Accel Partners and North Bridge Venture Partners also invested in this round of funding. NorthScale has so far raised a total of $15 million in two rounds of financing. Memcached is used by thousands of websites, including Wikipedia, Twitter and Flickr. It’s a “high-performance, distributed memory object caching system and it is a way to speed up dynamics web applications by alleviating the database load.”

In addition to the new funds, NorthScale has hired a new president and CEO: Bob Wiederhold, a veteran of enterprise-focused companies including Transitive Corp. (acquired by IBM) and Cadence Design Systems. NorthScale was started by folks involved with the Memcached technology and it makes two major products: NorthScale Memcached Server and the Membase Server. It’s one of the many companies that are part of the noSQL movement.