MySpace Taps Android, iPhone Developers To Increase Mobile Traffic

MySpace (NYSE: NWS) is enabling thousands of third-party mobile developers to integrate MySpace into their applications, which will let users login into their accounts and update their statuses without leaving the application.

The developer kit initially will be available for Google’s Android platform, and is being announced today as part of Google’s developer conference. In the next two weeks, it will become available for the iPhone. However, it’s the Android platform that has been one of MySpace’s biggest success stories. As one of the earliest applications on Android, it has the ability to claim it is ranked as one of the top 10 most popular apps. In the past year, unique users have jumped 230 percent year-over-year, said MySpace’s Co-President Mike Jones.

MySpace is being a bit vague about how these SDKs could be used by third-parties, mostly because there’s so many possibilities. But in theoretical situations, you can imagine a mobile game developer enabling players to post their scores in a status update, or a photo-sharing site that wants to enable the ability to post photos to multiple sites, including MySpace.

MySpace hopes by giving developers access to these tools, it will both increase the number of integrations with MySpace from mobile, but also increase the number of uploads from the phone to the web (including photos, status updates, etc.). Currently, it said 30 percent of the site’s traffic comes from phones, and it projects that to jump to more than 50 percent within a year.

The developer kit provides access to login capabilities, meaning that users can login to MySpace without leaving the app.; Status updates, allowing users to update their mood or update their profile; Friends lists; and Photo and video upload functionality. Access to the SDK is free, and is the same tools that MySpace developers use in house to create their own applications.