Gist Gets Google Apps Gadget

Gist — a service that helps you automatically get more information about your email contacts and is a favorite of the WWD teamhas released a Gist Gadget for the Google Apps Marketplace (s goog). The gadget means that it’s now easy to deploy Gist in companies using Google Apps.

The new Gist Gadget is contextual, which means that when you open an email in Gmail, it searches the web for information about anyone in the “From:” and “CC:” fields of that email in order to provide context about them. It then automatically generates a profile of them at the bottom of the page, containing social networking details, contact information, company profile, news and more. Here’s a video showing it in action:


Contextual gadgets, which intelligently display relevant information from other systems as you read your email, have been available in Gmail for some time (there are gadgets for YouTube, Google Docs and Picasa, for example) but up until recently, they’ve only been available for Google products. That’s changing, as Google has opened up contextual gadgets to third-party developers. In addition to Gist, there are already gadgets available for many useful services, including AwayFind, Xobni, Manymoon and Rapportive, among others.

You can get the Gist gadget from the Google Apps marketplace (it’s free, but you’ll need to be a domain administrator in order to install it).

Let us know what you think of the Gist Gadget in the comments.

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