T-Mobile HD2 Customers: Update Available, Wipes Games and Movies

Owners of smartphones get excited when word arrives the phone’s software has a big, fat update coming. It’s always a good thing to get the latest and greatest software for the smartphone, keeping it up to date. There’s nothing that can damper that good feeling; except having to repurchase software that the update wipes out. That’s the warning from T-Mobile to owners applying the ROM update just released. Those who have purchased the full version of games after playing the demo version preinstalled on the HD2 will “need to re-purchase them at standard cost following the software update.”

The update forces a master reset of the phone and no mechanism was put in place to determine if customers had purchased the full game(s). That’s a drastic solution — just repurchase the games. Those with Blockbuster movie rentals will find them gone after the update too, and it’s recommended you watch all movies prior to applying the update. You’ll have to download those big files again if you don’t.

(via Engadget Mobile)

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