Pixamba Keeps Tabs on Your Stock Imagery

If you use stock photography, like we do here on WWD, you know how tricky it can be to manage your collection of images — particularly if it’s used by a team of people, and each image has different rights associated with it. Pixamba is a new web app aimed at helping users to index, store, search, tag, retrieve and back up their images, whether purchased from photo stock agencies or created in-house, so I decided to take it for a quick spin.

As it’s a web app, the first step is to upload your images to the services. You can upload files individually, or do a mass upload via SFTP — any IPTC metadata is captured automatically (note: while Pixamba says that uploads are “very quick,” I imagine if you have a large stock collection, uploading all of it would take a considerable amount of time).

Once your images are uploaded, you’ll see that Pixamba presents you with a neat zoomable display for leafing through them all. You can also browse images by category, folder, company or lightbox.

Pixamba has a very comprehensive array of metadata associated with each image, including name, categories, keywords, dimensions, format, source, image rights, notes and so on. When searching for images, you can use any of that metadata to refine your search, which should make pinpointing the right ones easier.

Pixamba is more than just a tool for storing and searching though your images, though — it can also be used to keep track of when and how each image was used, versions of each image, and to get up-to-date status of legal rights for further uses.

While it doesn’t have the prettiest of designs, and some of its features aren’t completely intuitive when you first start using it, Pixamba is a sophisticated and full-featured web app. It’s probably too heavyweight for the needs of a simple blog like WWD, but if you’re struggling to keep tabs on your collection of stock photos, and particularly if you’re using a large collection of stock images in a team, it’s worth taking for a test drive. Pricing starts at $4.99/month for a basic plan with 3GB of storage, with a 30-day free trial available on all plans.

How do you manage your stock images?