Video Interview: Why Hardware Support for WebM Matters

Google assembled an impressive group of partners for the WebM Project it announced yesterday. Perhaps most remarkable was the fact that WebM’s open source video codec VP8 will also be supported by more than a dozen hardware companies.

One of the companies that was part of the announcement is MIPS Technologies (s MIPS). MIPS director of Strategic Marketing Kevin Kitagawa took a break from Google I/O to stop by our office yesterday and tell us a little bit about why his company supports WebM and why it matters to have hardware support for VP8.

MIPS develops and licenses microprocessor technology that powers game consoles, TV sets, Blu-ray players and a wide range of set-top boxes. “All these devices are becoming connected,” Kitagawa told me. As devices are able to access the web, consumers are starting to expect playback of any type of web content — and that’s increasingly going to include VP8-encoded video. In other words: You can’t ignore the web video world if you’re manufacturing a connected TV, and if the web video world is moving towards VP8, so will device manufacturers. Watch the complete interview below.


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