5 Most Popular Posts on WebWorkerDaily This Week

Just in case you missed any of them, here are the five most popular posts on WebWorkerDaily this week:

Droopy’s a mini web server (actually, a Python script) that people can use to send files to you. Give them your Droopy address and they can upload the file using their browser; it will be saved directly onto your machine.

Aliza explains how to take your reltionship with your “superfans” to the next level.

Most web workers have a relationship with caffeine. Butr is it really the productivity booster we all think it is? Celine investigates.

Doriano takes a look at some free alternatives to Adobe Acrobat.

Amber investigates a common dilemma for many solo entrepreneurs and freelancers: how to justify turning away paid work from one-on-one clients in order to create or explore new revenue streams.