Miro Launches First VP8 Video Converter

The Participatory Culture Foundation, better know as the maker of the open source video payer Miro, has introduced the first desktop application to convert files into the just-released VP8 video format. The release of Miro Video Converter 2.0 will leverage Google’s (s GOOG) new open video format, which was announced as part of its WebM Project earlier this week.

The Miro Video Converter, which is available for Mac and PC, makes it easy to convert videos with a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows users to output their files to any number of preset formats. The converter tool, which we previewed here, can output files to work on the iPhone, as well as various iPods, Android mobile devices, and even the Sony (s SNE) PSP. In line with its open source roots, the Miro Video Converter also outputs to the Ogg Theora format, and now Google’s VP8.

The tool comes just a few days after Google released the VP8 codec with an open source, royalty-free license for anyone that wants to use it. However, it might be a while before Miro users will actually be able to showcase the videos they encode in the new format. While Google’s new WebM Project, built around VP8, has received support from Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Google Chrome, it will be a while before those browsers make VP8 support generally available in stable releases.

The new version of Miro Video Converter is available at www.mirovideoconverter.com.

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