Inking iPad App Penultimate Gets Palm Rejection

Tablet lovers have been crying for a good inking solution for the iPad since its release. The capacitive digitizer isn’t designed for writing on the screen, but that doesn’t stop those who prefer to use ink for note-taking. There are already apps that provide inking, and third party pens that make it easier to do than by using the fingertip to write. What has been missing from the mix until now is the ability for inking apps to ignore the hand resting on the screen while writing. The palm (or wrist) sitting on the big iPad (s goog) screen interferes with the writing process, as it is interpreted as a desire to write when the hand hits the screen. Ink note-taking app Penultimate was updated with a “wrist protection” setting, and it works pretty darn well. I believe this is the first app on the iPad with palm rejection.

Penultimate uses a notebook metaphor for handling the taking of notes, and is designed to be used totally by writing on the page. I have used it for weeks, and while it works pretty well the vectoring caused by resting my hand on the screen rendered it pretty useless. I don’t have a pen that works on a capacitive digitizer, either, and that has restricted my use of the app. I’ll have to look at getting one though, as this new setting is working well in my initial tests.

Once the “wrist protection” setting is turned on, the app totally ignores everything but the actual writing taking place. I have yet to trigger an unwanted vector, and that is pretty impressive. As always with inking apps, YMMV.

Thanks to my Twitter peeps for pointing me to the update.

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