Live Matrix: The One-Stop Calendar for All the Web’s Events

A new startup is launching its private beta at TechCrunch Disrupt today, aiming to index all of the web’s events, bring them together in a single place and make them searchable by time, type or category. That startup, Live Matrix, also also offers publisher tools to advertise events through widgets and RSVP tools that can be embedded anywhere on the Internet.

Live Matrix co-founder Nova Spivack calls it “the first schedule for all the different kinds of things taking place online.” While that applies to online video events — like those scheduled on live streaming sites like Livestream and Ustream — Live Matrix doesn’t stop there. In addition to audio and video webcasts, the site also tracks gaming events, shopping events and auctions, events taking place in virtual worlds, tournaments, contests and product and content launches on other websites.

Liz over at GigaOM first reported on Live Matrix in March. Since then, the startup has been busy adding events and publishing partners and now indexes about 80,000 events on the web per week. While it crawls the Internet looking for events, the startup also offers a number of tools to make sure their live events and easily accessible to users. Publisher tools include a web-based CMS to manage events, widgets that can be posted on their own websites to promote those events, as well as RSVP and reminder capabilities to make sure users show up.

The programming guide divides events into categories and subcategories, all of which can list events by time or popularity, giving users a view into how many people plan to show up. The site allows users to make schedules of events they plan to attend, and eventually plans to give personal recommendations based on events they’ve RSVP’d for.

In addition, Live Matrix captures deep analytics around the event, including an algorithm that can predict the number of attendants, which can help publishers with capacity planning and even ad sales. To determine how many users may show up at any given event, Live Matrix takes into account the number of users that have RSVP’d and the number that have shared the event with others. By tracking user activity, the site can also help predict whether or not a user will show up based on previous events, as well as being able to determine his or her influence when inviting others to join.

Live Matrix was founded by CEO Sanjay Reddy, formerly SVP of Corporate Development for Gemstar-TV Guide, as well as serial entrepreneur Spivack, who holds the title of president. The company has six employees in offices in L.A. and San Francisco, as well as an offshore engineering team. Angel investors in the startup include Lucid Ventures, Allen Morgan, Lori Taylor and Paige Craig.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user skyseeker.