iPhone More Global Than Android — for Now

iPhone Share in April 2010Android is getting the majority of its traction from the North American region while the iPhone is more global in nature, according to a new report from the soon-to-be-owned-by-Google mobile advertising company, AdMob. Of course, that’s due to change soon given that Google claims some 100,000 Android-based phones are being activated every day on 59 carriers in 48 countries.

The “devices shipped can be very different from the installed user base on a platform,” notes AdMob. It uses Apple as an example, pointing to how Cupertino “does not break out how many of the 85 million iPhone OS units are no longer in use, what the overlap is between iPhone and iPod touch users.” Well you could say the same for Android devices. I already have three Android-based phones I no longer use.


And that is precisely why I like AdMob’s “unique devices” approach.

Android Handset Share in April 2010AdMob says that in the U.S. in April there were 10.7 million iPhone devices compared to 8.7 million Android devices. Add in the iPod touch, and the gap between the platforms increases to 2:1 in the US and 3.5:1 globally. Nearly 75 percent of Android devices are used in North America, compared to 49 percent of iPhone OS devices.

According to AdMob, in April HTC accounted for the second-largest smartphone traffic in the U.S.¬†after Apple, with 18.9 percent of the total traffic share vs. iPhone’s 38 percent. On a worldwide basis, HTC accounted for 10 percent of traffic, though Apple leads there with a 41 percent share.