Mozilla to Launch Firefox Home, an iPhone app

In October 2009, Mozilla’s outgoing CEO John Lilly told me that Mozilla was working on a new iPhone app which it would release in next few weeks. Weeks turned into months, but Mozilla is finally getting ready to release Firefox Home, which as predicted was based on a Mozilla Labs project called Weave. Since then, the project has been renamed, Firefox Sync and include the Firefox “Awesome Bar.” In a blog post, Mozilla spokesperson writes:

The app is called Firefox Home, and it gives iPhone users instant access to their Firefox browsing history, bookmarks and the set of tabs from their most recent browser session. What’s more, it provides Firefox “Awesome Bar” capability that enables people to get to their favorite web sites with minimal typing.
Firefox Home provides an amazing “get up and go” experience. It’s encrypted end-to-end. It’s your home on the Web, wherever you are. And, of course, it’s free.
Firefox Home for iPhone is part of a broader Mozilla effort to provide a more personal Web experience with more user control. For devices or platforms where we’re unable to provide the “full” Firefox browser (either technically or due to policy), we aim to provide users with “on the go” instant access to their personal Firefox history, bookmarks and open tabs on their iPhones, giving them another reason to keep loving Firefox on their desktops.

I don’t know about you, but I am actually super excited to try out this app as soon as it become available on the iPhone store.