Why We Do What We Do

Megan Garber at Nieman Journalism Lab has written a nice review of our iPhone and iPod touch app. First of all, thanks to her and to Nieman for liking the app. She also picked up on one of the key elements of our app: bringing our team of writers closer to our readers and our community. This exchange of insights and accessibility to our readers is part of our philosophy and is why we do what we do. Here is what I told Garber:

There should be no friction when it comes to our readers getting in touch with us. That was the premise of starting my company, and that’s the premise I hold true today. We are who we are because of our readers, and they should have the ability to get in touch with us whenever they want.

While it might result in more email and more work for our team, customer service is part of any business. Communication with our readers is just that — judicious learning and improving from the folks who matter the most. As I said:

“I have learned so much…by being able to communicate with people on a one-on-one basis…That, really, is what’s behind this whole thing.

I also want to thank AppsFire for making GigaOM iPhone App the featured app of the day on their home page and sending us all those great readers. If you want to learn more about our app and download it, click here.

You can read my post about our iPhone and iPod touch app and the philosophy behind the design here.