Quick Tip: One-step Bit.ly URL-shortening in Your Address Bar

Every so often, I stumble across a tip so head-smackingly great that I wonder how I ever managed without it. This post from Steve Rubel contains one such killer tip: Bit.ly lets you shorten a URL right from the address bar of any browser. Just type “bit.ly/” or “j.mp/” in the address bar in front of the address you want to shorten  — for example: “bit.ly/http://webworkerdaily.com/“:

Hit return and the Bit.ly page that loads contains your shortened link (and if you’re logged into Bit.ly and have integrated it with your Twitter account, you can tweet the link right from that page, too).

Simple, one-step URL-shortening that works in any browser, with no need to mess around with extensions or bookmarklets!

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(via Lifehacker)

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