Digital Video — Challenges and Opportunities

Internet audiences are spending increasing amounts of time consuming media from multiple platforms and devices. According to Nielsen, mobile is now the fastest-growing segment of video consumption. And with over 500 million users, Facebook has emerged as the leading platform for content sharing and discovery. In addition, connected devices like Boxee and Roku are meeting pent-up demand from consumers frustrated by the lack of freedom and control over how and when they consume programming.

While emerging platforms have created new opportunities for publishers, these trends are also greatly contributing to growing audience fragmentation, resulting in increased technical challenges for publishers looking to deliver rich video experiences to multiplatform audiences.

For any organization evaluating their video strategy in what is becoming an increasingly complex landscape, it’s important to consider your goals and the options available. Here are some decision criteria to help you get started:

  1. Evaluate your video strategy through the lens of your broader marketing objectives to determine if you need to reach core audiences across multiple platforms.
  2. If you consider working with online video platform (OVP) providers, examine how vendors provide mobile, social and connected device capabilities.
  3. Decide how quickly you need to move and whether you need a platform with turn-key, multiplatform distribution capabilities.
  4. Determine your content creation needs (live, on-demand, mobile, UGC, etc.) and the capabilities required to meet them.

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