Report: Hulu Premium to Begin on Xbox Live

Hulu’s long-awaited subscription service could be announced in the next two weeks and rolled out as a video service on Xbox Live, according to a report from gadget blog Gear Live. If true, the report could be the first indication of Hulu actually agreeing to allow its broadcast TV and film content to be made available on the television rather than just through consumer PCs.

According to a “reliable source” to Gadget Live, Hulu will be unveiled as part of Microsoft’s press briefing at the E3 gamers convention in Los Angeles. Like Netflix (s NFLX), Hulu would be integrated into the Xbox Live dashboard, enabling users to access the online video service directly through their TV. Microsoft’s briefing kicks off on June 14 at 10 a.m. PDT.

Hulu’s subscription plans have been rumored for some time now, but this is the first report to tie a Hulu Premium offering to Microsoft’s (s MSFT) Xbox 360 gaming console. The most recent report comes in contrast to a New York Times article in late March, which said that a Hulu subscription service could be tested on the Apple (s AAPL) iPad first.

A Hulu/Xbox Live team-up would be the first indication that the online video site would allow its content to be streamed into the living room. So far the company has worked to block software applications like Boxee and Kylo — which were designed to create a ten-foot viewing experience for online video — from being able to access its videos. Hulu even forbids the use of its own desktop app on anything other than a PC.

Hulu’s subscription service would reportedly cost $9.95 a month and would offer up more videos from its content partners than currently available through the site on a free, ad-supported basis. But Hulu might have to act fast; broadcast content partner ABC (s DIS) is reportedly mulling its own subscription plans.

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