Daily Sprout

China Subsidies for Electric Cars (and Gas Sippers):Tucked into Tuesday’s announcement on China’s move to provide subsidies of up to nearly $9,000 for electric cars is an incentive program offering about $440 in subsidies for certain small fuel-efficient cars.

Big Data Centers, Big Power Usage: Data Center Knowledge reports on how “the cost of power is transforming the economics of building and operating data centers,” via an Simon Tusha, the new Chief Technology Officer of Quality Technology Services (QTS).

Nokia Looks to Two Wheels for Charging: CNET reports on Nokia’s new bicycle-powered cell phone charger.

Internet Is Killing Car Culture: The numbers of young drivers on the road is way down. A lot of that is because of the Internet, a little bit of it is because of environmental reasons and some of it has to do with license restrictions, via AutoBlog.

BT Getting Close to Carbon Free: ClimateBiz reports that “British Telecom (BT) is making progress on its ambitious goal of reducing its greenhouse gas intensity 80 percent by 2020.”

Image courtesy of BONGURI’s photostream.