Vid-Biz: Nielsen, FLO TV, 3-D in the Home

Nielsen Files For A Possible $1.75 Billion IPO; the B2B media and measurement company has filed for an IPO and hopes to raise as much as $1.75 billion. (paidContent)

Katzenberg, Cameron Foresee Slow Adoption Of Home 3-D; two of Hollywood’s top 3-D cheerleaders expect relatively slow adoption of 3-D TV, despite their strong faith in the value of the extra-dimensional medium. (Multichannel News)

FLO TV Fails to Attract, Qualcomm CEO Says; Qualcomm’s service for delivering TV shows to mobile phones and other portable devices hasn’t found the audience the company had hoped for, according to CEO Paul Jacobs. (Wall Street Journal)

MSN Partners With GrindNetworks To Launch A Comedy Channel; the online network has struck a deal with GrindNetworks to launch a new comedy channel called theBubble. (paidContent)

Iger: Programmers Walk Fine Line on Fee Increases; Disney CEO said said programmers are focused on obtaining carriage fees that reflect the value of their content, but by doing so they may attract unwanted scrutiny from Washington. (Multichannel News)

Online Advertising Startup LucidMedia Raises $4.5 Million; the startup, which provides an online advertising demand-side platform (DSP) with integrated real-time bidding, has secured $4.5 million in funding. (TechCrunch)

Project Canvas Could Be Known as YouView; If the much-awaited multichannel online TV service Project Canvas gets the go ahead, then it is likely to take on the brand name of YouView. (Tech Watch)