At Structure 2010, We Look at Cloud Computing’s Next 3 Years

Structure 2010, now a two day event (June 23 & 24), is just around the corner. The conference, which will feature the likes of VMWare CEO Paul Maritz, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, Akamai CEO Paul Sagan, and CA CTO Dr. Donald Ferguson, will focus on giving you insights into what comes in the next three years of cloud computing. (For tickets click here.)

From Cloudonimics to Next Generation Server Architectures to Big Data and the New New Broadband networks, we are going to explore some of the most pressing issues facing the Internet infrastructure and cloud computing industry. Want to know the future, then come listen to Nick McKeown, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Faculty Director of the Clean Slate Program at Stanford University who will talk about reinventing the core Internet technologies. Frankly, I can’t wait to sit and listen to the Professor give us a peek into the future.

And then there is the lively part of the show: Structure LaunchPad, which identifies tomorrows stars by picking through some of the hottest cloud-computing startups. LaunchPad is where we debut new companies and ideas to an assembled throng of investors, press and potential customers. What is on the LaunchPad today may be in your stack tomorrow. The companies chosen as LaunchPad finalists for Structure this year include:

  • Benguela – A stealth-mode startup founded by Amazon EC2 veterans.
  • Cloudant – Provider of MapReduce-based data management for enterprises, including analytics and search.
  • Cloudswitch – Maker of software to connect private clouds to public clouds.
  • Datameer – Offers the ability to organize big data using Hadoop through a spreadsheet interface.
  • Greenqloud – Provides completely carbon-neutral cloud infrastructure with commodity gear.
  • GridCentric – Turns your compute farm into a high-performance, private cloud in seconds.
  • nephosity – Allows non-programmers to allocate tasks and workflows on the cloud.
  • NorthScale – Provides a simple, fast, schema-free mechanism for storing data objects using memcached.
  • Riptano – Developer of software and services on top of the open-sourced Apache Cassandra (Facebook’s data layer) data storage platform.
  • SolidFire – Offers a next-generation block-based storage appliance for cloud computing providers and big enterprises.
  • Zettar Inc – Enables the creation of secure private storage clouds using commodity hard drives.

Meet them when you join us at Structure. Here are some of the highlights from the conference.

  • 10 keynote speakers and fireside chats, including VMware, IBM,, Facebook, Amazon, CA, Akamai and more
  • Over 100 speakers in 25 sessions
  • 18 workshops on topics such as marketing cloud offering to SMBs, social enterprise, cloud architecture, storage and more
  • 11 LaunchPad companies
  • Top-tier press attendees
  • 1 research report from GigaOM Pro on industry solutions for private clouds FREE with your registration

At the rate we’re selling tickets, Structure 2010 will be a sold-out event! Register now to claim your spot.