@ CM Summit: Yahoo Wants Newspapers To Take Advantage Of Associated Content

When Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) execs appear at conferences, the main takeaway they strive to get across is the company’s commitment to local. In her talk with Federated Media’s John Battelle at his Conversational Media Summit, Yahoo Americas EVP Hilary Schneider certainly hit that note, but in a new twist, talked up the ways its latest acquisition, content farm (or aggregator, if you prefer) Associated Content, could help the 800-plus members of its Yahoo Newspaper Consortium.

Associated Content serves to broaden Yahoo’s content offerings, Schneider said, with the ultimate goal of providing quality and customization. While much of the freelance copy that Associated Content brings in wouldn’t be confused with the work on the Newspaper Consortium’s print and web outlets, Schneider feels that there are many ways members could use that unit. “We definitely would encourage our newspaper partners to use Associated Content,” she said.

With display advertising appearing to turn around, Schneider also took the opportunity to talk up Yahoo’s focus there. She also connected it to the value of being a portal, a segment that has been losing ground to social networks like Facebook. “Yahoo delivers 1 million variations of our homepage to 600 million users based on behavior and preferences,” she said, adding that the goal is 600 million “unique, personalized experiences.”