I See You: Video Chat Taking Off

One of the features of the Sprint (s s) EVO 4G smartphone I just bought is the front-facing camera designed for video chatting. That impending purchase had me thinking about the mobile video chatting segment, especially given the expected announcement today of the next iPhone. That phone will also have a camera for video chatting if rumors are to be believed. While phones with video chat capability have been out in Europe for years, having the ability on two of the biggest smartphone platforms (iPhone and Android) will expose the feature to millions who have no idea such video calls are possible.

That’s the subject of a big report just published today: Report: The Consumer Video Chat Market, 2010 – 2015 (sub req’d) that takes a comprehensive look at video chatting in general (mobile included). This excellent article points out the major players in this area, and details the potential issues such as network congestion such video chatting will bring.