iPhone 4 Announced

Today Steve Jobs unveiled the fourth iteration of the beloved iPhone, dubbed, iPhone 4. It was, of course, the device that we’ve seen leaked in recent weeks, but there’s a lot more to this new phone than meets the eye. Retinal Display, HD video recording and editing, LED flash for low-light, and FaceTime (video chat) to name a few.

On Tuesday, June 15, Apple will begin taking pre-orders for iPhone 4. The new device will begin shipping on June 24 to the U.S., France, Germany, UK and Japan. By sometime in September, Apple plans to be shipping iPhone 4 to 88 countries around the world.

Not just mimicking the current 3GS storage sizes of 16 and 32 gigabytes, the (subsidized) pricing scheme will be the same too, at $199 and $299 respectively. It appears that both models will come in either black or white colors, which incidentally, is visible on the front as well as the back of the new iPhone.

While iPhone OS 4, now dubbed iOS 4, is being released to developers today in Gold Master form, there was no official mention of the ship date for current iPhone users. However, it seems likely that the update would be available along with iPhone 4 come June 24.

In the meantime, check out the iPhone 4 design video. Seeing it in such detail, and all the behind the scenes technology is really breathtaking!