iPhone 4 Vid Picks: Demos, Ads and Spoofs

Apple’s (s APPL) World Wide Developer’s Conference yesterday seemed to be all iPhone all the time, which probably explains why video related to the event has had a similar bent.

Apple’s official six-minute presentation of the iPhone 4 is a good overview for anyone who missed yesterday’s announcement (or Gizmodo’s April scoop). The white male Apple execs explaining the new features never once utter the words “magical and revolutionary,” but that’s probably because that’s the iPad’s turf.


The above video is currently clearing 220,000 views on YouTube in its first day online, but only getting about 300 views so far is an upload of Jobs’s full keynote presentation. That’s not too surprising, though — the keynote is almost two hours long.


The Sam Mendes-directed iPhone commercial has also bowed online, and guys, it annoys me. I mean, we already got the point with that first iPhone 4 video — having an iPhone 4 means that absentee parenting will be a thing of the past as long as you and whoever’s watching your neglected children both have the device and a reliable WiFi connection. For no matter where you go, you’ll be able to see the kiddos on a 3.5 inch screen.


It is worth noting that I am maybe angry at this ad because I don’t like being manipulated into tearing up. (Stupid soldier in Iraq getting to see an ultrasound of his baby.)

Because I am not a soldier in Iraq waiting to see an ultrasound of my baby, I don’t plan on getting the iPhone 4. Instead, thanks to Take180, I’m waiting to upgrade to the Jane Lynch model.


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