Video: What App Developers Think of the New iPhone

After the iPhone 4 presentation at Apple’s (s AAPL) WWDC in San Francisco on Monday, I hit the town to talk to app developers at the event center, outside in the street, and back at their offices about their perceptions of Steve Jobs’ latest and greatest device. Here’s a video to give you a flavor of the scene.


* To kick off, watch a short bit of footage of me playing with the new iPhone in the press demo area. (I get a surprise when I see myself appear on the front-facing camera!)

* Just about everyone I talked to mentioned how impressed they were by FaceTime, Apple’s new mobile video chat product (and future open standard). Nobody seemed to be too concerned about the fact that it’ll only work over Wi-Fi for the time being.

* Though people were riding high after the keynote, some developers said they’re concerned about Apple further splintering the app development market. Others said they wished cool new features like the high-resolution retina display would come to the rest of the Apple family, like the Mac.

* ngmoco CEO Neil Young said he was hoping for Apple TV integration, a Game Center demo and Facebook support, but he’ll be making use of FaceTime (which he said will ensure he buys not just one but two iPhone 4s) and the new gyroscope (which he said is a bit of a random feature, but will be good for augmented reality).

* Different developers were excited about different app monetization opportunities. Truphone’s Karl Good was psyched to hear that Apple now has 150 million credit cards on file, while eBay (s EBAY) developer Robin Schuil said he expects to make use of iAds especially given they’ll be available so soon.

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