Are You a “Taboholic”? Try Firefox Extension BarTab

One of the problems with being a “taboholic” — always having multiple tabs open — is that restarting Firefox can take an awfully long time, as the browser has to reload the content in each and every one of those tabs. And having large numbers of tabs loaded consumes a big chunk of your computer’s memory. BarTab’s a useful little add-on that can speed up restarts; it also reduces the amount of memory that all those tabs would otherwise use. It works by intercepting tabs that are loaded in the background or on restart and only loads their content when you actually click on the tab.

Here’s a screenshot of my browser just after a restart:

You can see that, as per usual, I have a huge number of tabs open. However, thanks to BarTab, apart from the current tab, Firefox hasn’t actually loaded the content in any of them, reducing the browser’s startup time and the amount of memory it uses.

A better solution to “taboholism” would be to use a tab chunking strategy, but if you can’t (or won’t) modify your behavior, BarTab’s a good way to minimize some of its worst side effects.

Are you a “taboholic?”

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