Releases Desktop Client — one of the elder statesmen of the cloud file storage game — today released Box Sync, a desktop client promises to offer a seamless bridge between the desktop and cloud and should make it easier to share files and collaborate with your team.

Once the client is installed, any files placed in the Box Sync folder on the computer will automatically be uploaded to and then kept in sync with the cloud. To help users share and collaborate with colleagues, every time a file in the folder is edited, team members in shared workspaces have immediate access to the updated version and receive notifications whenever there’s a change, and conflict resolution tools are provided if two people edit a file simultaneously (If you’re interested in learning more about cloud computing and how it enables web apps like this, check out our Structure conference in San Francisco later this month).

It’s worth pointing out that many other cloud storage providers (Nomadesk and Dropbox, for example) provide similar desktop clients, so technically, Box Sync is late to the party. But its software does look to be pretty slick, especially with regards to collaboration. Here’s a promo video showing how it works:


Box Sync is currently only available for Windows (s msft), with Mac (s aapl) and Linux versions of the client on the way.

Let us know what you think of Box Sync in the comments.