Live Music Booking Site Sonicbids Acquires ArtistData

Sonicbids has just acquired ArtistData, according to an early morning announcement by the company.

Sonicbids has traditionally been focused on packaging artist materials for venue and festival promoters, though the ArtistData grab gives the company a bigger piece of the do-it-yourself market. ArtistData, part of a very crowded space, offers artists the ability to publish and manage their digital distribution endpoints.

The result? Sonicbids can not only help bands score gigs, they can also assist bands in the broader digital distribution push – around shows and beyond. “Helping bands connect with promoters is great, but we were missing a piece of the puzzle in helping bands and promoters get the word out about those gigs to bring in the fans,” explained Sonicbids chief Panos Panay. “ArtistData’s founder Brenden Mulligan really nailed this, and it’s clear based on ArtistData’s traction in the market.”

Mulligan was also unsurprisingly optimistic on the tie-up. “The combined offering of Sonicbids and ArtistData is extremely powerful, as it makes it easier than ever for artists to manage their touring all in one place,” said Mulligan, now Vice President of Strategic Development for Sonicbids. ArtistData boasted an artist group of roughly 25,000 heading into the acquisition.

Post-deal, Sonicbids indicated that it will be finished integrating ArtistData by the end of the year. Free ArtistData features will remain so through September 1st, and premium features will also be free during that window courtesy of Sonicbids. After that, premium features will be integrated into Sonicbids paid accounts.

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