Boxee Looking to Get Hollywood Content With RoxioNow Deal

Boxee is looking to expand the amount of premium content it has available with a deal that could soon enable its users to purchase feature films. Boxee is integrating Sonic Solutions’ (s SNIC) RoxioNow video platform into its software as a way to gain access to a wider range of film titles — including new releases and major Hollywood hits — from content providers like Blockbuster (s BBI) and Best Buy (s BBY).

As part of the deal, Boxee will license the RoxioNow platform, which is the same platform used by Blockbuster for its On Demand video service and will soon be used by Best Buy when it opens up its digital storefront. With the RoxioNow platform integrated into its software, Boxee will soon be able to strike deals with content providers — like Blockbuster, Best Buy and Lionsgate (s LGF) — for Hollywood content.

The RoxioNow platform is already embedded on a number of consumer electronics devices, including LG Blu-ray players and TiVo (s TIVO) DVRs, and is looking to get onto more, including Best Buy’s Insignia-brand HDTVs and Blu-ray players and Boxee’s now-delayed set-top box, as well as any other CE devices that Boxee’s software is going to be deployed on.

For Boxee, the deal comes as it looks to expand to enable payments and purchases through its media center software. After announcing plans to roll out a payment system that will enable its developers to charge for apps or other content, Boxee chose Vindicia as the payment platform for its software.

Adding payments — and new releases for purchase — could help drive revenue for Boxee, which had to delay the launch of its upcoming Boxee Box. While the recent delay in the launch of the Boxee Box is a blow to the startup, CEO Avner Ronen has repeatedly said that the company is working to get its software embedded on other consumer electronics devices, including other TVs, Blu-ray players and set-top boxes that will come to market in 2011.

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