iPhone 4 Pre-orders Hit Snag

Well our day to preorder the iPhone 4 has come. However, for the majority of people, the process has ended prematurely as the AT&T verification service bombs out. This has been frustrating (to say the least) to many potential, and renewing customers. I understand AT&T has been trying to quell the massive data drain that iPhones have presented to its network, but this is ridiculous…

One would assume that AT&T knows enough to prepare for such an anticipated device, but it seems that three years of preparation have not been enough. Whether trying to order through the Apple Store online, or directly from att.com, the account verification step seems to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

However, there is an alternative if you are still not having success with the website approach. (At the time of this writing, Apple.com was still not working as expected, but att.com/wireless seemed to work intermittently.) The Apple Store doesn’t seem to be able to help — they’re still bound by AT&T’s verification steps. But if you walk into a brick and mortar AT&T shop, the good people there should be ready and able to assist you. A quick run by the local store here found no crowding, but the staff was ready and prepared for a rush.

Oh, and one other thing to be aware of: while both 16GB and 32 GB models are available for preorder today, the white model won’t be available until later this summer. Perhaps it was a last minute addition to the sales offering. But whatever the case, if you want one on launch day, you can get any color you like, as long as it’s black.

What has your pre-order experience been like?