Encoding.com Offers White-label Encoding in the Cloud

Encoding.com has introduced a new API that will let major customers — like large video publishers and video distribution platforms — offer its cloud encoding services as a white-label solution. And a group of its customers have already signed up for the white-label service, including Cisco (s CSCO) Eos, Giant Realm, Kaltura and Vzaar.

Encoding.com’s new features allow video management firms to create sub-accounts on the fly, enabling them to sign up their own customers for the cloud-based encoding service. By extending its API, video hosting and distribution companies can integrate the service into their own platforms, therefore making encoding in the cloud a seamless part of the video production workflow. The startup has also made sample scripts available for various programming languages to let its customers get up and running quickly.

For online video platforms, that will enable them to support a large — and growing — number of file formats, as new devices, like the Apple (s AAPL) iPad, and new formats, like Google’s (s GOOG) WebM, gain prominence and adoption among users and publishers. And they’ll be able to do so without building out support for all those formats themselves.

Online video platforms will also be able to collect incremental revenue through the white-labeled encoding service. In addition to being able to set up accounts, customers who white-label Encoding.com’s services can view usage across their customer accounts and bill accordingly by setting their own prices, according to president Jeff Malkin. Because Encoding.com’s prices decrease with volume, large platform customers will be paying wholesale prices that are much lower than what their individual customers would pay on their own.

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