jkOnTheRun Video: Swype on the HTC EVO 4G


Swype is an alternative keyboard for the Android (s goog) platform that with just a little practice can be the fastest keyboard on the small screen. Text is entered with Swype by “spelling” words by swiping the letters on the keyboard. Swype tracks the movement and determines with eery accuracy the correct word.

In this video demonstration I show a small amount of text being entered with Swype on the HTC EVO 4G. To provide an unobstructed view of the process, I was standing behind and over the camera with the EVO sitting on the table in front of me. The text entry was still accurate and fast, but is even better when used in a normal position holding the phone.

Swype has only been available to very few due to a closed beta, but the company is making it available freely for a few days. Vist the Swype beta web site and get it. You won’t regret it.