Android This Week: Hot Droid, New Droid

Yet another set of numbers was released this week highlighting the success of the Droid, the first Android (s goog) phone on the Verizon network. Ad company Chitika posted stats comparing usage of Android phones on its network, and the Droid is smoking the competition. Not only is it leading the other Android phones in usage, it has a 3-1 advantage over the nearest competitor, the HTC Hero. The data was collected over the first two weeks in June, and also shows that the HTC EVO 4G — which was released June 4 — has almost caught up to Google’s flagship phone, the Nexus One.

Not content to rest on the Droid’s success, Verizon this week put up a teaser for the next-generation Droid X, what will be the largest Android phone to hit the market. Its 4.3-inch screen is the same size as that of the EVO 4G, but is housed in an even larger case. The official announcement of the Droid X is expected next Wednesday, June 23, with shipping expected to follow in a few weeks. No word yet on pricing.

In the meantime, Sony Ericsson (s eric) introduced a new Android phone and said its XPERIA lines of handsets would be upgraded to Android 2.1 later this year. While not the latest version, the functionality boost it will bring to the line, which is designed for playing multimedia using Sony Ericsson’s TimeScape and MediaScape apps, will be significant.