QuickFuse Joins the Web Telephony Party — Late

Updated: The web-based telephony market is getting crowded, with QuickFuse joining the growing number of companies offering web-based platforms upon which developers can build voice applications (or bundle voice into web applications) using simple application programming interfaces (APIs).

QuickFuse was launched by New York-based Plum Voice, an interactive voice response company. The new platform will be duking it out with the likes of Twilio, Tropo and TringMe, not to mention some deep-pocketed, more established players. QuickFuse isn’t doing anything new — Voxeo, the company behind Tropo and startup, Twilio, has been leading the web-based telephony charge, though none have yet shown sustainable commercial viability.

In fact, QuickFuse is so late to the market it and might not be able to get the developer traction it needs to grow. Furthermore, I’m not sure how much one can rely on a platform that launches a web-based platform but no website. Update: The company does have a site; the one initially supplied to me was incorrect.