SlingPlayer Lands on Android Phones

You could be motoring in your gadget-laden yacht, riding in your car (back seat, right?), waiting for a flight or be just about anywhere when you need to satisfy your mobile television addiction. We’re seeing lots of people who want to stay connected to the FIFA World Cup matches, the NBA finals or local MLB action.

To watch your home TV anywhere you are, Android-style, all it takes is a Slingbox connected to your home TV system and the slickest-ever version of SlingPlayer Mobile loaded on your phone. SlingPlayer mobile already works on a large variety of smartphones, but the bestest and fastest version just became available for Android phones.

And it’s easy. From your shiny new EVO 4G, just connect to a Slingbox SOLO, PRO or PRO-HD. SlingPlayer Mobile for Android makes it a snap for you to watch and control your home TV right on your phone. You are the master of your DVR. Change channels, watch and schedule recorded programs — even impress everyone in line at the DMV or jury duty.

This is the fastest version of SlingPlayer Mobile to date and the picture quality is first-rate. Startup of the app is quick, and its new interface is sleek, easy to use and responsive. Recent channels are always at your fingertips. So go get it.