Structure 2010: EMC’s Harel Kodesh on Storage and the Cloud

With an ownership stake in VMware (s vmw), a tight alliance with Cisco (s csco) and consistent placement at the top of IDC’s external disk-based storage revenue list, EMC (s emc) is widely seen as the 800-pound gorilla of the storage space. So how does EMC see it evolving?

According to Harel Kodesh, president of EMC’s cloud infrastructure business, public cloud offerings will grow over time to “maybe a quarter” of the company’s spending, up from an insignificant amount today. But the amount of data stored in public clouds “will be more than all the private clouds combined,” Kodesh said in a talk at the GigaOM’s third annual Structure conference today.

Kodesh explained that storage systems for the enterprise are currently expensive, reflecting the desire of businesses to keep this data at all costs. Other data has no real significance and should really be deleted, “but people aren’t going to do that,” said Kodesh. It’s being stored simply for archiving.

Then there’s the sweet spot of data that requires storage in the cloud for the sake of collaboration and access. “On your hard drive, you’re the only one using it. The need to collaborate requires that you move data off the PC,” he said. “You cannot imprison it in your hard drive anymore.”

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