Daily Sprout

ZeaChem Baby Steps: Next-gen biofuel maker ZeaChem says it has completed the next step on its way to one day reaching commercial scale production. Like with all the next-gen ethanol makers, it’s taking quite some time for ZeaChem to reach any kind of scale and down-sized its planned plant.

A MW for SolarWorld: SolarWorld says it’s “on track to supply about 1 MW of high-performance solar panels this year” through a program in Oregon.

Solar Raceway: EcoGeek reports on the American Solar Challenge where teams race solar powered cars from Oklahoma to Illinois over 7 days of competition.

G20 & Fossil Fuels: The LA Times says: “International negotiators, under pressure from the Obama administration, agree to omit the term [voluntary] when describing efforts to cut production and consumption incentives. Summit also focuses on arriving at a consensus on the global economic crisis.”

Clean Development Mechanism Comes Under Fire, Again: Triple Pundit reports that “A consortium of North American and European activists have demanded sweeping changes to the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) after charging that up to one-third of all CERs ever sold may have been illegitimate.”

Image courtesy of BONGURI’s photostream.