Yet More Evidence That iWork is iPhone-Bound

iWork on the iPad has its good and bad points, and honestly, I prefer using Documents to Go for my word-processing purposes. But it looks pretty, and it’s nice to know it’s there in case I have to edit some Pages documents on the spot.

It’d be nice to know I could do the same on the iPhone, too, but so far, iWork is iPad only. Recent evidence suggests that won’t long be the case, though. There’s lots to indicate iWork will arrive on the iPhone, from Apple (s aapl) themselves and from spy shots showing the app in action.

First, there’s Apple’s own admission that it will be coming soon to the iPhone, unless it’s just a typo, which doesn’t seem likely. An AppleCare product description on Apple Store websites where the iPhone is sold unlocked (in the UK and Canada, for example) contains a line that says it covers consulting experts regarding “using iWork for iPhone and other Apple-branded iPhone apps.” It wouldn’t just be a typo if it was a mistake, it would be in the absolute wrong place.

Add that to the “Open in Keynote” prompt discovered by Engadget a few weeks ago, and it seems likely that iWork is a lock for the iPhone. If you needed more convincing, though, there’s new screenshots posted over at 9to5mac that show the actual iWork app in action. The screens seem pretty well tailored to the iPhone, so it’s unlikely that this is just another case of someone shoehorning the iPad version on the iPhone’s smaller screen.

The big question is, will iWork come to all versions of the iPhone, or will Apple invent limitations that allow it to run only on the iPhone 4, like they’ve done with iMovie?