Verizon to Launch LTE Nov. 15?

Verizon Wireless (S vz) will launch its next-generation LTE data network on Nov. 15, the Boy Genius Report is reporting, citing an unnamed “tipster.” Compatible data devices (data plans will be tiered) would be the first offerings for use on Verizon’s LTE network, BGR notes, which is expected to offer speeds between 5-12 Mbps, trumping Sprint’s (s s) current 4G implementation.

The timing of such a launch sounds right as Verizon CTO, Dick Lynch, has previously told GigaOM that up to 30 markets covering 100 million people would be seeing LTE service before the end of 2010, and that the first devices would be data-centric. Lynch also said that LTE handsets would arrive about a year after the 2010 LTE network launch. Indeed, Verizon today responded to our request for comment by reconfirming plans via email:

We expect to launch our 4G LTE network in 25-30 markets by the end of 2010, covering approximately 100 million Americans. We’ve also noted the first devices that will be available to access the new network are likely to be PC cards and USB dongles, for high-speed laptop connectivity. Other types of devices, including those designed for individual consumers, are slated for the middle of next year.

Verizon has already signaled a move towards tiered pricing, much like AT&T. Such pricing helps manage network supply with consumer demand, as Stacey explains in a GigaOM Pro report, “Metered Mobile: Pricing for Profits” (subscription required).