Asia Now World’s Largest Producer of Tweets

Twitter users in Asia accounted for 37 percent of Tweets during a recent day, according to an analysis by the French firm Semiocast. The U.S. is still Twitter’s single biggest contributor, currently with 25 percent of messages (down from 30 percent in March). Japan is now No. 2, at 18 percent, while Indonesia has 10 percent of daily messages and South Korea has 2 percent.

The Japan figure above is a bit larger than indicated by a statistic Twitter recently released to the Associated Press: Japanese users tweet about 8 million times a day, which translates to 12 percent of the global total. But the fact that Twitter is big in Japan is not a coincidence. The company has put special emphasis on that country, launching a Japanese version in early 2008.

Some 16.3 percent of Japanese Internet users are on Twitter, compared to 9.8 percent of Americans, according to Nielsen. Twitter says it saw an all-time record — 3,283 tweets per second — when Japan beat Denmark in the World Cup last week.

While Twitter has been busy rolling out geo-location and related tools, those are not yet widely used. On June 22, Semiocast found that of 2.9 million total tweets, only 0.6 percent included geotags (although that’s up from 0.5 percent three months before).

So how does Semiocast determine the location of the rest of the tweets? It’s imperfect, but the company looks at the locations users specify in their static profile information (usually their hometown, so this doesn’t change on a per-tweet basis as someone travels) and the language users tweet in.

Twitter, which is now up to 190 million monthly uniques, has had trouble keeping up with growth, with record amounts of instability in the last month (see our GigaOM Pro story, subscription required).