Here Comes the Fluff: Tesla’s Roadster 2.5!

It’s just the first week for Tesla (s TSLA) on the Nasdaq, and as we predicted yesterday it’s already starting with the fluffy press releases that could help keep its stock up. This morning, Tesla has sent out new photos of the “Roadster 2.5,” which is the new version of its first electric sports car with a few new superficial elements, including a new front fascia, more comfortable seats, and a touchscreen navigation system. It’s still got the same $109,000 starting price tag.

Tesla has a major gap ahead between when it will start making its next-gen EV the Model S and when it stops selling the Roadster in 2011. There will be very little revenues coming in over the next two years, so Tesla will have to keep these flashy press releases coming (see our 10 ways Tesla will try to keep its stock up here). But, OK, we’ll bite, the images are pretty fancy, see below: