Omidyar Network: $500,000 for Web TV in Kenya

Omidyar Network is investing $500,00 in the XYZ Show, a satirical news show produced in Kenya known to make fun of local politicians and media personalities that’s modeled after shows like the U.K.’s Spitting Image.

The investment, which was announced at today’s Guardian Activate Summit in London, is supposed to help the show with its web and mobile offerings, as well as the production of its next season. Check out a clip from one of the more recent episodes of the show below:


Web TV for Kenya — that idea may surprise some, but Kenya has actually been one of the up-and-coming technology centers of sub-Saharan Africa. Much of this is based on mobile phones. Kenya’s Safaricom started a mobile banking revolution with its M-PESA payment system in recent years, and rural Kenyan farmers are now using Google Docs on their Nokia phones to keep track of their work.

The Omidyar Network was founded by and is named after Pierre Omidyar, the founder and chairman of Ebay (s EBY). To date, it has invested more than $353 million in non-profits. The latest round of investments also included $1.2 million for the Global Voices project and $575,000 for

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