Colloquy: An IRC Client that Feels at Home on Your Mac

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) has been around since 1988, and it’s still used in many businesses — it’s an old-school collaboration tool that rocks. However, many users shy away from using it as it’s (incorrectly) perceived to be complex and difficult to use — an impression that’s not helped by the design of many clunky IRC clients. Colloquy is different — it’s a snazzy open-source IRC (and SILC and ICB) client for OS X (s aapl) that’s easy-to-use and looks great.

Coupling a nicely-designed interface (with the option of single or multi-window modes) with straightforward setup, the option of extending the client through Applescript and plugins, the ability to style the chat display, support for mIRC colors and file transfers, Colloquy is recommended if you’re looking for a chat client that feels at home on your Mac.

Colloquy is free to download and works on Mac OS X 10.4 or later. There’s also a companion iPhone app, Mobile Colloquy ($1.99, iTunes link) that can help to keep you connected when you’re on the go.

Which IRC client do you use?

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(via One Thing Well)