NuCaptcha Gives the Captcha Test An Animated Upgrade

For those frustrated by indecipherable text-based captchas that test your willingness to live, a new video-based solution has become available. NuCaptcha, a new product from Leap Marketing Technologies, launched this week, allowing sites and blogs to deflect spambots with a security check like the one below.

According to CEO Michel Giasson, with whom I spoke via phone, NuCaptcha has a 95-percent success rate, which is a 10- to 20-percent improvement over other captcha services such as reCAPTCHA, which is used by Ticketmaster among other sites, and controls about 15 percent of the captcha market despite its 75-percent success rate. In addition, security expert Dr. Greg Mori, who has applied his research in object recognition to develop methods for breaking static captcha codes, endorsed NuCaptcha in an emailed release as “the most secure commercially available Captcha system available today.”

While the full-res version of NuCaptcha is powered by Flash, the technology does work across multiple platforms — including Apple’s iPad and iPhone (s APPL) — by downshifting to a 20-frame animated GIF. In addition, NuCaptcha is building out themes to match specific sites or their users, and customized themes will also be available as a premium offering sometime over the course of the next few months.

NuCaptcha is currently available as a free product for up to 25,000 captchas per month, aiming at smaller web sites and blogs. And there is now a WordPress plugin available for those who want to streamline the process; installation details are available here.

By making the text move, it now takes a little longer to process what you’re seeing. But typing in three letters — as opposed to two garbled words — is quite a bit simpler.

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