Is AT&T Slowing Mobile Upload Speeds?

AT&T (s T), the primary wireless carrier for Apple’s (s AAPL) iPhone recently came under fire for the changes it made to its wireless data plans and pricing. These changes came despite complaints about the quality of Ma Bell’s network, which is known to behave much like a starlet with an addictive personality. Apparently this isn’t the end of woes for some of our readers who are complaining that their data upload speeds (on an iPhone) have taken a nosedive in recent days. One individual lamented that his upload speeds were down to a crawl as he tried to upload photos. “I saw upload speeds drop from over 1 Mbps to under 100 kbps,” he wrote.¬†Are you experiencing similar problems? Are non iPhone users having the same problem with AT&T’s network.

(PS: We have been in touch with AT&T and are waiting for the official response.)